Carving and Cruising on a longboard

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Carving and Cruising on a longboard

The most common style of riding is Carving and Cruising on a longboard. This is for those people you see running late to class and they are riding their board, those people who you see tearing up the concrete in your local cities, or just those people who ride their board to their buddies place to play a game of halo. 


There are three types of styles that we recommend for Carving and Cruising.


1. Flexible Drop Through

A lower center of gravity makes these longer boards more stable and easier to push. The flex of these boards also acts as a shock system to help avoid discomfort on longer rides.


2. Traditional Cruiser Styles

These are the boards that made long boarding popular in the 70s. They are shorter and have a kicktail to help navigate you through traffic. 


3. Commuter Style

These boards are top-mounted, they have quite a bit of leverage over the trucks which makes these boards gnarly for carving. These boards will have the most stability out of all the cruising boards because the wheels are in the back of the deck

If you have any questions finding these longboards feel free to shoot us an email and we will gladly help you!


Thanks guys!


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